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After 30 days of incredible support Dice Bottles was funded for $40,000. We’re excited to move on to the next stage with a talented artist who’s going to bring the Healing Potion Kit’s to the next level!

Don’t worry if you missed the Kickstarter. We partnered with Backerkit to offer a pre-order store so you can still get in queue for one of our awesome kits.

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Huge progress made!

Art update Chris was making great progress then we realized we might have gone off of the art direction the product needed. After surveying a few backers we confirmed it and we reset back to an earlier draft he had. This is our current direction: And here’s how he’s refined some of the scroll work: …

Backerkit surveys are coming and community suede pick revealed!

We’re sending out the surveys soon! for details visit update #18 on Kickstarter Community suede color pick After a full week of voting, the clear winner for the $40,000 stretch goal extra suede color is forest green! I’m excited to make it available! Thanks again for all the wonderful support and reaching that stretch goal. …